RiviBethan Experience

Celebrating 450 years of Rivington Foundation Primary School.
Chartered during the reign of Elizabeth 1



our creative journey to the past, celebrating our school…herritage

Our Creative Journey

What a really creative and explorative afternoon we had working in year 3/4 .  We delved into the history of the school. All the way back to 1566 when the school was chartered by Elizabeth 1.  We found out that girls would not have gone to this school and things were very different to life in school now.  There were no tracks, roads and path the school and all children would have had to walk to get here. School started at 6am in the summer and 7am in the winter. oh how early they must have set off to get to school on time.. and they didn’t have wellies, waterproofs or umbrellas in those days.

We looked at the way the school was built then in timber and we sketched and printed our own versions. We then made printing blocks and inked and made our own black and white prints.

and we are off……….

Years 5 and 6 have made a fab start, they have done some amazing designs for the schools own heraldry banners. We looked at the history and reason for heraldry, looking at symbolism and what it meant in the Elizabethan period.   (It was a lot about identity and status. .the Facebook of the time!!)

The children looked at their own identity. looking at their family names, origins and  history, then they designed their very own symbol representing who they are. We put a 21st twist on this and gave them the option to do it as a historic symbol or a 21st century emoji’s.

When designs were completed the children created a printing block similar to  a lino cut and then printed onto fabric to create their own printed heraldry symbols. A class heraldry flag was also produced using everyone’s individual art work to make a class work of art.